Trans-turizam: integrativni pristup proučavanju transformativne uloge turizma u 21. stoljeću


Public presentation of TRANSTOURISM project

02 12 2014

Public presentation of TRANSTOURISM project

This public presentation of the TRANSTOURISM project was organised with the aim to create awareness among professional and general public of the importance of tourism as a social force and the ways in which tourism can contribute towards societal transformation that encompasses personal wellbeing, social justice and care for the environment. Irena Ateljević has talked about the urgency of harnessing the transformational potential of tourism to fostering the sustainability agenda in the context of all-encompassing economic, social and environmental crisis that we are witnessing today. She has also outlined key philosophical and theoretical foundations underpinning this nexus between tourism and social transformation. Renata Tomljenović, as the principal investigator and manager of the project, presented the aims and objectives of the project with expected outcomes. The public presentation was promoted through the Institute’s portal, Institute’s mailing list and press-release mailed to more than 20 media companies.

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