Trans-turizam: integrativni pristup proučavanju transformativne uloge turizma u 21. stoljeću


Evaluation of the project and its main results

05 01 2016

Evaluation of the project and its main results

The steering committee of Foundation on the basis of the assessments and recommendations made a decision on acceptance of the first periodic report of our project with the final grade B - good progress (project has achieved most of the objectives for the given period). First project year was completed on 31st October 2015. The preliminary report was submitted to the Croatian Science Foundation on 15th November 2015. In the first year we realized all planned activities, which resulted in the 7 research reports (working papers), 2 articles committed to review (of which one is waiting for the publication), with the presentation at the conference in Opatija - Critical turn studies, cooperation with UNWTO and Anna Pollock (Conscious travel Movement), and a series of dissemination activities (public presentations, performances at HRT shows Društvena mreža and Damin Gambit, the presentation for the students/professors from the University of Georgia). MAIN RESULTS OF TRANSTOURISM PROJECT

WORKING PAPER SERIES Working paper 1: Transtourism: Theoretical and methodological foundations Working paper 2: Operational definition and typology of transformational travel experiences (Additional result) Working paper 3: Participatory experience tourism: Sign of the times? (Additional result) Working paper 4: Survey on ‘cultural creatives’ Preliminary results Working paper 5: Main features of transformational travel enterprises Working paper 6: Pilot istraživanje transformativnih turističkih poduzetnika: WWOOF domaćini u Hrvatskoj (Additional result) Working paper 7: Empirical results of transtourism enterprises in-depth interview

ARTICLES SUBMITTED Theoretical grounds of transformative tourism potential (Tourism Review International) IA/RT Toward extending creative tourism: Participatory experience tourism (Tourism Review) DAJ (Additional result)

CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS Methodological complexities in investigating the transformative potential of conscious tourism, 10th Critical Tourism Studies conference, Opatija, 26th to 30th June, 2015 (Additional result)

COOPERATION UNWTO Global report on transformational tourism – to be presented at the ITB Berlin, March 2016 Anna Pollock – Conscious Traveller, interview with featured on Dnevnik HRT1, 26/6/2015

DISSEMINATION Dissemination plan 4 yearly meetings Public presentation in December 2014 Presentation to US students and lecturers (University of Georgia) and professors at Ivo Pilar on “Participatory experience tourism (PET)” May 2015 (Additional result)

Additionally, in-depth interviews with potentially transformative service providers, have revealed us a new concept of transtourism operation we were not aware of before. Namely, in order to map potentially transformative providers we developed our operational definition of transformative tourism as a type of tourism where tourists participate in travel that offers a high level of immersion with the host culture trough backpacking, volunteer, educational/study abroad, ecological/nature based and cultural/creative programs.