Trans-turizam: integrativni pristup proučavanju transformativne uloge turizma u 21. stoljeću


Cooperation with UNWTO on TRANSTOURISM

01 02 2015

Cooperation with UNWTO on TRANSTOURISM

Based on the Memorandum of Cooperation signed between the Institute for Tourism and United Nation World Tourism Organisation, we have started working on a joint publication „Transformative tourism for our sustainable future“ ( The report is consisted of 3 parts:

1) General introduction written by Irena Ateljević and Renata Tomljenović in cooperation with an esteemed tourism scholar Pauline Sheldon and entitled: „The new paradigm of the 21st century, ‘silent revolution’ of cultural creatives and transformative travel of and for the future”. 2) The second part, co-authored by Renata Tomljenovic, Irena Ateljevic, Zrinka Marusic and Sanda Corak will report on the profile of transformative tourists derived from the survey of tourists in Auroville in late spring/early summer 2014. Auroville was founded in 1968 in Tamil Nadu, South-East India, with a vision of an ideal international township devoted to an experiment in human unity through cultural diversity. As such, the township has been affirmed and encouraged by UNESCO as a project of importance to the future of humanity, hence intentionally used to conduct the pilot study on transformative tourists. 3) The third part of this report brings together a collection of about fifteen cases studies dealing with the practices fostering social change through tourism.