Trans-tourism: an integrated approach for the study of transformative role of tourism in the 21st century



The team has been set up specifically for TRANS-TOURISM project to ensure that there is a specific expert for each faces of the project. It involves members from the Institute for Tourism and an expert from the Institute for Development and International Relations.


Renata Tomljenović, Ph.D., is the senior scientific associate at the Institute for Tourism, Zagreb, Croatia with more than 20 years’ experience as a tourism researcher. She has published over 50 research papers and serves on a number of Editorial Boards and Conference Scientific Committees. She graduated at the Griffith University – Gold Coast, Queensland (Australia) where she received her PhD. While resident in Australia, she took an interest in tourism impacts on host communities and travelers, focusing on changes affecting individuals in the context of multicultural societies and on building tourism community awareness. For her work she was awarded by the Australian Tourism Council. The Griffith University Post-graduate scholarship enabled her research on the interplay between tourism, intercultural understanding and peace. The research was published in renowned journals and books and has made a significant impact on the tourism. She has joined the Institute for Tourism, Zagreb, in 2000. Her research activity continued to focus on the social and cultural aspects of tourism. She is the leader of the Institute’s research group Sustainable destination development and governance. Her interest in tourism as a vehicle for the rural/community development led her to the wine tourism research. She got funding for the early research from the Croatian-Slovenian Bilateral Cooperation Research Program (2006 – 2007). Apart from publications and conference presentation, this work led to the formation of an informal Mediterranean Tourism Research Group, organization of members meeting in Greece and conference in Italy. She was one of the pioneer of the cultural tourism development, crafting the national cultural tourism development strategy and participating in implementation through the membership in the Advisory Board. Her engagement with stakeholders is evident through more than 60 industry presentations and workshops delivered over the last ten years. She is the Managing Editor of the Tourism: An international interdisciplinary journal, ranked among the best 10% by the evaluation of the Ministry for Science, Education and Sports and mid-ranked internationally.


Irena Ateljević

Irena Ateljevic originally comes from Croatia but has obtained her PhD in Human Geography in 1998 at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Dr Irena Ateljevic has 20 years of academic and project management experience as University professor and international researcher on the cultural politics of tourism, travel and leisure; specialised in sustainable development, socio-cultural aspects of communities and gender issues. She conducted numerous projects in New Zealand, Fiji, India, China and Croatia on issues of economic and social development in peripheral regions. In the context of an increasingly distressed, divided and unsustainable world, her research passion lies in critical praxis and action research that can bring us more just and hopeful futures. She had began her academic career as a (post)modern critical theorist who pessimistically observed structural socio-spatial inequalities produced by the overarching capitalist patriarchical framework within which our world operates. Yet, in the course of her progressive frustration of 'only-marking-and-not-making-a-difference' she has moved to the transmodern and transdiciplinary space of commitment to the hopeful scholarship and caring action that awakens the power of individual agency. She has been translating these theoretical ideas into the areas of critical tourism studies, women's empowerment and transformative education, and in empirical terms into her own classroom as well as in various action oriented projects in 'peripheral' communities of Croatia and India. She is one of the founders of the Critical Tourism Studies network dedicated to promoting the 'academy of hope' concept. She is the author/editor of 4 books and 3 special issues of scientific journals and more than 50 refereed journal articles, invited essays and chapters in edited volumes. She has been invited to give keynotes all around the world -Brasil, Argentina, India, China, Australia, Finland, Spain - to name just a few. While still holding many honorary university positions around the world she has recently returned to Croatia to assist her home country in the aspirations towards its more sustainable future. She currently holds the position of a Scientific Associate at the Institute for Tourism in Zagreb, Croatia where she has just obtained a significant research project on studying the global emergence of Transformative/Transmodern Tourism of and for the Future.

Daniela Angelina Jelinčić

Daniela Angelina Jelinčić is a senior research adviser at the Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO) in Zagreb. She holds a Ph.D. in ethnology from the University of Zagreb and her specific interests are in cultural tourism, cultural/creative industries, cultural policy, creativity and social innovations. Also, she gives lectures on cultural tourism, economy of culture, cultural heritage management, social innovations at the University of Dubrovnik, University of Applied Sciences VERN and at the Edward Bernays First College of Communication Management in Zagreb, and at the UNESCO Chair for Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Development, Institute for Social and European Studies (ISES) in Köszeg, Hungary. She is the author of several scientific books (ABC of Cultural Tourism; Culture in a Shop Window; Culture, Tourism, Interculturalism) as well as of several national/local strategic documents, and is a Council of Europe expert for cultural tourism.

Sanda Čorak

Sanda Čorak, PhD is a scientific advisor and has been the managing of the Institute since 2001. She has more than twenty years of experience in tourism market research and segmentation of tourism demand, destination marketing and tourism governance. She is editor-in chief of the scientific journal TOURISM and she has also established scientific edition of the Institute. She teaches at the universities in Croatia and abroad as a quest lecturer.

Neven Ivandić

Neven Ivandić, PhD, is the expert adviser at the Institute for Tourism, Zagreb, Croatia. As an economist he is mainly engaged in macroeconomic impact of tourism, covering areas such as tourism satellite account and measuring the competitive position of the tourism sector. His vast experience in planning tourism development applies to issues of the development of tourism destinations, products and companies, development strategies and evaluation and management of tourism destinations and businesses. He is the leader of the Institute’s team for economic impacts of tourism and forecasting.

Neda Telišman-Košuta

Neda Telišman-Košuta, M.A., is currently employed as an expert advisor at the Institute for Tourism, Zagreb, Croatia. Her main field of work is in tourism destination marketing and development.

Snježana Boranić Živoder

Snježana Boranić Živoder, Ph.D., is the scientific associates at the Institute for Tourism, Zagreb, Croatia. Area of her research interest include strategic planning of tourism development and destination marketing and management. She is a leader of member of many projects in this field and author of numerous scientific and professional papers.

Zrinka Marušić

Zrinka Marušić, mag. math., univ.spec.oec., is the expert adviser at the Institute for Tourism, Zagreb, Croatia. As a mathematician and statistician she is mainly engaged in setting the methodology of scientific research in tourism as well as in the application of statistical methods in data processing and analysis. Her main topics of interest include quantitative survey methodology with the emphasis on sample design and analysis, methods for estimation of tourism impacts and methods for valuation of public good in tourism.

Ivan Sever

Ivan Sever, univ.spec.oec., is the expert assistant at the Institute for Tourism, Zagreb, Croatia. He is mainly engaged in quantitative research in tourism, focusing on the application of statistical methods in data processing and analysis. His main topics of interest include knowledge extraction and statistical inference in tourism research and application of dynamic programming and game theory in assessing tourism sustainability.